Facial Authentication being used at a football stadium in Fall 2020 (during the pandemic) for touchless entry.

When maturity of browsers in the late 1990s was making websites more than digital posters, and getting us all into e-commerce, a constant refrain was that it was not advisable to put one’s credit card details online — fraudsters might start using your credit card. Today, due to advancement in secure connection between browsers and servers and credit card companies underwriting any fraudulent transactions, we willingly enter our credit card details on many online sites and cannot imagine not having that convenience. Online retailers also cannot imagine not having that fluidity of commerce. Always, where there are concerns about security…

In a company’s evolution, there are times to consider selling your company for personal or other reasons. Or the choice of selling may be forced upon you, the founder/entrepreneur, by your investors, by the market or by the sheer number and quality of soliciting prospective acquirers. At times like these, whether or not to hire an investment banker (or simply “banker”) looms large.

Not all company sales fits a banker’s sweet spot so they may not take your company on as a project.

Types of Bankers

There are really 3 kinds of investment bankers (although there are many flavors).


Running a software startup, I have frequently had to choose between different types of sales prospects — and which ones you choose can be the difference between a thriving company or one that the prospects bleed dry.

Qualification is not a science, but a mixture of art and science. When you are running any business, but in particular a startup — where “near death experiences” can be fatal — which opportunities to pursue can be a difficult task. Even though, one may want to take on all opportunities, it would be very unwise to pursue them all. Since the resources…

It was spring 1997 and I had been picking technology stocks for an asset management firm in London with GBP 12 billion under management for about 8 months. Many public company CEOs (and typically joined by their CFOs) came to tout the quality of their company and give us investors a roadmap of management’s strategy so the investors would buy (or if already holding, continue to remain) in the company’s stock. Occasionally, and ever increasingly up to 1999 when I left the industry, there would be initial public offering (IPO) roadshows. …

Sanjay Manandhar

Entrepreneur, Angel investor, Mentor & executive. Enterprise Software, AdTech, Computer Vision, Medical data + devices. Love mountain biking + outdoors.

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